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Templates & Examples

NAMA Facility Application Documents – Ambition Initiative – Round Two

This zip-file entails all necessary documents for applying to the Ambition Initiative – Round Two. The zip-file consists of a template for a NAMA Support Project Outline and eight mandatory annexes, namely:

  • Annex 1 Endorsement Letters
  • Annex 2 Logframe
  • Annex 3 Applicant or Applicant Support Partner
  • Annex 4a DPP Concept
  • Annex 4b DPP Budget
  • Annex 5a Business Case and Financial Mechanism
  • Annex 5b Business Model Scenarios
  • Annex 6 GHG Mitigation Potential

Other call-related support materials and videos:

Deadline to apply:  30 April 2022