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Templates & Examples

“Towards Carbon-Neutral Totinia Now!” – Fictional NAMA Support Project Outline as Guide for Applicants

The Technical Support Unit (TSU) of the NAMA Facility has developed a fictional NAMA Support Project (NSP) Outline to serve as a resource and help guide applicants as they piece together their NSP Outlines as part of the 7th Call.

It should be noted that this NSP Outline is purely fiction and should not in any way be copied. Any NSP Outline submissions as part of the 7th Call or any other that appear to copy from this guide will face considerable deductions in the assessment process.

What is this NSP about (in one sentence):

The NSP supports Totinia to transform its electricity sector by replacing fossil-based power generation capacities with wind, solar and hydro power of at least xxy MW thereby decoupling the country from the use of fossil fuels.

What will have changed at the end of this NSP:

The power sector will be transformed as the electricity generation capacities will have shifted away from fossil fuels and towards renewable energy sources. Electricity provision will be largely improved with fewer power outages, enhanced grid stability and less fluctuations in prices. Investment into key assets for a transformed power generation sector of an equivalent of EUR abb m. will be made by NEWS, local and foreign investors as well as banks. The governance and the financial sustainability of NEWS will be improved and at the same time, Totinia’s carbon-neutral pathway will have a positive impact on its marketing potential as a destination for sustainable tourism.