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Board of the Mitigation Action Facility (the Board)

The central decision-making body of the Mitigation Action Facility. Currently the Board comprises representatives from five Donors, i.e. German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK), UK Department for Energy Security and Net Zero (DESNZ), Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy and Utilities (KEFM) and Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), the European Union (EU) and the Children Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF). The Board takes all relevant decisions related to strategy, policies, guidelines and budget, and selects the projects for funding.

Business model

A key indicator for transformational change in a sector is the redirection of the flow of funds. To achieve this, consumer and/or investor decisions must be influenced towards a carbon-neutral pathway. The underlying assumption is that consumers/investors will change their commercial/financial decisions if it is economically beneficial for them and if it follows a potentially successful business model. The project needs to offer a (potentially) successful “business model” for consumers/investors including adequate financing mechanisms.


People in the country (and area), where the project is implemented that directly benefit from the project by using the services and goods that are provided by the project (“end-users”). This could be economic benefits, improvements in quality of life or improved capacities.