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Mid-term Evaluation of Cabo Verde Electric Vehicles Project shares learnings from transport in the SIDS context

December 20, 2023


The project “Cabo Verde Electric Vehicles” supports the government in promoting electric vehicles (EVs) to reach a significant market share of the total vehicle purchases. In this way, the project contributes to Cabo Verdes’s achievement of its targets for electric mobility, greater integration of renewable energies in the energy matrix, and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.   

AMBERO and Oxford Policy Management undertook a mid-term Evaluation and Learning Exercise (ELE) on the progress of the project. Below are some key findings of the ELE:  

  • The project was found highly relevant and crucial to achieving the national transport sector mitigation goals and directly linked to nation policy objectives.  
  • The project has achieved significant progress in output delivery, and the ELE team could identify early evidence of transformational change contributed by the project. The project model has the potential to be successfully applied in other small island developing states (SIDS).  
  • Enhanced awareness and communication are key to accelerating the dissemination of EV advantages and easing anxieties around the autonomy, price, and performance of EVs. As a means of communication, the workshops organised by the project proved to be effective. 

Following the main findings and recommendations of the ELE, the TSU and the project have compiled a management response to address the key points that were raised.  

The management response and the mid-term ELE report are available in the Knowledge & Learning Hub.