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Applicant Support Partner (ASP)

If a national ministry submits the Project Concept, a legal entity complying with the capacity criteria as stipulated in the General Information Document (GID) should be identified latest by the time of the Project Outline submission. This legal entity will serve as an Applicant Support Partner (ASP) for the contracting of the Detailed Preparation Phase (DPP).


In the initial Project Concept and Outline Phases, national ministries or legal entities may function as Applicants, i.e. submit a Project Concept and, upon selection, an Outline to the Mitigation Action Facility. If a national ministry acts as an Applicant, it has to define an Applicant Support Partner (ASP) (see the definition below). Legal entities acting as Applicants and ASPs must comply with capacity requirements as stipulated in the General Information Document (GID). In case of the selection for the Project Outline Phase, an Applicant (legal entity) shall provide evidence of the sufficient endorsement by the national government institutions relevant for the project implementation with the submission of the Project Outline. Upon selection of the Project Outline for the Detailed Preparation Phase (DPP), the legal entity (Applicant / ASP) will then function as a contracting partner for DPP.