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Official Development Assistance (ODA)

ODA is an abbreviation for Official Development Assistance. This assistance has been allocated under Section 1 of the International Development Act 2002. ODA contributes to a reduction in poverty and aims to further sustainable development or improve the welfare of relevant countries.

According to the OECD, Official Development Assistance is defined as financial support to eligible countries and to multilateral development institutions which are: 1) Provided by official agencies, including state and local governments, or by their executive agencies; and 2) Is administered with the promotion of the economic development and welfare of developing countries as its main objective. More information about ODA can be found on the OECD website.


Products, goods, services and regulations/ standards that have arisen as a result of the project funded by the Mitigation Action Facility.


The overarching direct project goal and direct effects that can be causally attributed to the interventions of a project funded by the Mitigation Action Facility and reflect the utilisation of the outputs by the target group.