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Tunisia – Clean Energy in Buildings Mid-term Evaluation and Learning Exercise

All projects with an overall duration of more than three years are subject to a mid-term and to a final evaluation and learning exercise (ELE). These ELEs are part of the Mitigation Action Facility’s working approach to catalyse transformational change through incremental monitoring processes that allow fearless learning. 

The Technical Support Unit (TSU) has commissioned AMBERO and Oxford Policy Management to conduct the ELEs. The exercise is based on a theoretical framework which involves a document review, participatory workshops and stakeholder interviews to collect evidence about projects’ results and lessons. These elements are then analysed using a theory-based approach centered on the use of contribution analysis and reinforced by elements of process tracing. The ELEs seek to address the following questions: 

Has the project achieved its results? 

Has the project started to trigger transformational change?

What was learnt from the project so far?

The document presents the findings of the mid-term ELE from “Tunisia – Clean Energy in Buildings“.