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The NAMA Facility: A Snapshot – Inspiring Climate Action

Bold, transformational action is urgently required to succeed in meeting any of the international community’s global warming targets. At the NAMA Facility, we are working to close the gap between ambitious climate targets and real climate action. Based on the funding and guidance of our Donors and together with our partners in numerous countries around the world, we provide expertise and financial support to projects that trigger sustainable and scalable investments in low-carbon development.

We encourage governments and private actors to join forces in developing feasible, yet innovative approaches for greenhouse gas mitigation projects, spanning sectors as diverse as waste management, transportation, energy efficiency, agriculture and renewable energy. The projects our Donors select for support are driven by the commitment of national governments and are deeply embedded in countries’ national frameworks to combat climate change. They also compel the private sector’s significant involvement, as its participation is crucial for scaling climate action and creating bankable pipelines of mitigation projects.

Our ambition is to be a catalyst. We want transformative ideas to scale and multiply – locally and nationally, from sector to sector, worldwide. This is why we capture and share our experiences and disseminate our knowledge to empower others to close the gap between aspirations and action. As a proponent of fearless learning, we reflect on our experiences, both positive and negative, to continuously improve. With this publication, we invite you to discover our work and join the NAMA Facility in its mission to promote transformational change in the pursuit of concerted international action to protect our climate.

Dr. Sören David Head of the Technical Support Unit, NAMA Facility