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Promoting Distributed Solar and Energy Efficiency Mechanisms in Tunisia Through International Use Cases and Comparisons

This report was compiled by four second-year students at the School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), at Johns Hopkins University, concentrating on energy and environment issues, policies, and international economics. It was commissioned by GIZ-Tunisia as part of SAIS’s second year ERE practicum consulting course. The goal of the project was to recommend policies to improve the deployment of rooftop solar PV and energy efficiency in the Tunisian buildings sector (residential and non-residential). 

The NAMA Support Project “Tunisia – Scaling-up Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in the Building Sector” aims at increasing the uptake of energy efficiency and renewable energy measures across the building sector in Tunisia through the scaling-up of three national subsidy programmes (PROSOL, PROSOL ELEC Économique and PROMO ISOL).