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Mitigation Action Facility Mitigation Guideline

The Technical Support Unit (TSU) has published guidelines on one of the more exacting components of their Outline submission: Annex 6: greenhouse gas (GHG) mitigation potential. This publication walks Applicants through the process of elaborating and presenting mitigation figures in their submitted Outlines, and includes guidance on:

  • Defining the project’s baseline scenario, boundary and scope;
  • Considering rebound effects and leakage;
  • The key requirements for providing information on the mitigation approach;
  • Filling out Outline Annex 6: GHG mitigation potential; 
  • Aligning Annex 6 with the Project Outline, and Annexes 2 and 5 as well as with the Monitoring and Evaluation Framework; and
  • Checklist to ensure that Annex 6 and related documents are properly filled out.