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End-of-Project Report for Thailand Refrigeration and Air Conditioning NAMA Support Project

After more than 5 years of implementation, the End of Project Report for “Thailand Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (‘Thai RAC’)” NAMA Support Project (NSP) has been released. The End-of-Project Report serves to gather each NSP overall results and lessons learnt for the broader public. NSPs are tasked with drawing out lessons and demonstrating good practice for knowledge sharing, scaling up and replication to contribute to transformational change. This report also references the technical Evaluation and learning Exercise (ELE), which are conducted separately by external consultants, focus more narrowly on NSP results and occur as part of the end-of-project evaluation. 

The End-of-Project Report discusses the context of the green cooling industry in Thailand and the policy environment surrounding refrigeration and air-conditioning technology and goes further into detail on project progress and achievements with respect to the financial and technical components. Achievements on core project indicators are detailed and finally, main lessons learnt are outlined in the areas of market transformation, technology development, legal changes and cooperation with financial partners, to name a few.