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Update on the Call for Projects 2023

September 25, 2023
Image: © Appolinary Kalashnikova (Unsplash license)

The Mitigation Action Facility closed its Call for Projects 2023 on July 31, 2023. The Call for the first time featured a so-called “Project Concept Phase” designed to simplify the application process and open the competition to a wider range of potential Applicants and partners. The Call also followed the Facility’s rebrand and shift in focus from the NAMA Facility earlier in the year, with the overhauled initiative now centring on decarbonising three priority sectors: industry, energy, and transport.

The Mitigation Action Facility is pleased to announce that 327 Project Concepts were submitted through the Open Application Platform before the closure of the Call. The submissions came from 105 countries illustrating global commitment to sectoral decarbonisation: 42% from Africa, 35% from Asia, 20% from Latin America and 3% from Europe.

The proposed interventions come from a variety of actors, offering a range of diverse mitigation solutions and approaches: UN organisations, NGOs, governmental entities, as well as commercial entities and financial institutions submitted Project Concepts.

The Project Concepts accordingly reflect the new mandate of the Facility: 196 submissions targeted the energy sector (60%), 81 (25%) targeted transport and 50 (15%) centred on industry. The nature and scope of the proposed interventions differ according to national needs and contexts.

The statistics of the Project Concept submissions can be seen on the statistics webpage.