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Update on NAMA Facility 5th Call

March 20, 2018
World map coloured NAMA project countries

The 5th Call of the NAMA Facility closed on 15 March 2018. National governments and other qualified applicants were invited to submit NAMA Support Project Outlines. The response to the Call was good as a total number of 76 ideas for NAMA Support Project Outlines was submitted. The high number of submissions indicates a continued and high interest of countries in NAMA implementation. Many of the submitted applications refer directly to the NAMA Support Project as an instrument to implement part of the country’s Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC).

A high proportion of the NAMA Support Project Outlines received have been found eligible, potentially as a result of the simplified procedures introduced with the 4th Call. Of the 76 NAMA Support Project Outlines received only two have been found ineligible. To foster learning, as in the previous years the NAMA Facility will provide feedback to all applicants requesting it.

Further updates will be published on our website and via the NAMA Facility newsletter.

Further information on the current portfolio of the NAMA Facility.