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Successful Engagement at SB60: A Recap of the MAF and NDCP Event

June 10, 2024

We are pleased to announce that our recent event at the SB60 Event in Bonn, Germany, was a resounding success. This joint event, hosted by the Mitigation Action Facility (MAF) and the NDC Partnership (NDCP), provided an invaluable platform for fostering collaboration and advancing climate action.

Event Overview

The event commenced with a comprehensive presentation on the mission and achievements of both the MAF and NDCP. This presentation highlighted our ongoing projects, strategic goals, and the significant impact our initiatives have had in various countries. The audience, composed of NDCP partner country representatives, climate action stakeholders, and institutional experts, showed keen interest in the innovative approaches and success stories shared.

Engaging Q&A Session

Following the presentation, Rosa-Stella Mbulu, a distinguished member of our team, led an engaging Q&A session. Participants posed insightful questions regarding our projects, methodologies, and future plans. Rosa-Stella’s responses provided clarity and deeper understanding, further reinforcing the importance of our collaborative efforts in combating climate change.

Networking and Social Engagement

The event concluded with a drinks reception, offering attendees the opportunity to network in a relaxed atmosphere. This informal setting facilitated meaningful exchanges among participants, fostering new connections and potential partnerships. The positive feedback we received indicates that the reception was enjoyed by all, contributing to a productive and enjoyable evening.

Looking Ahead

The success of this event underscores the importance of continued collaboration and dialogue in our collective fight against climate change. We are committed to building on this momentum and look forward to further engaging with our partners and stakeholders in future initiatives.

We extend our gratitude to everyone who attended and contributed to the success of the SB60 event. Your participation and enthusiasm are vital to advancing our shared mission.

Stay tuned for more updates and future events as we continue to work towards a sustainable and resilient future.