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Strengthening Sustainability: TSU-MAF Mission Bolsters Honduran Livestock Sector

March 21, 2024

In a concerted effort to foster sustainability and advance toward a low-carbon economy in Honduras, the Technical Support Unit (TSU) of the Mitigation Action Facility embarked on a strategic mission focussed on Project stocktaking from February 12 to 13. Led by David Sören Head of the TSU and Sékou Amadou Traoré, Project Technical Liaison, the delegation engaged in pivotal discussions and collaborative efforts aimed at transforming the Honduran livestock sector into a more environmentally friendly and sustainable entity. 

The ‘Transforming Livestock Sector’ project in Honduras is an early-stage project which has recently been approved for implementation. As such, technical support and concrete advice from the TSU is useful at this stage to help the project identify and overcome the challenges of implementation. 

The visit commenced with constructive dialogues with national authorities and key project partners to ensure common understanding and address possible challenges.. The delegation met with esteemed representatives from organisations such as CATIE, FENAGH, CAHLE, CAFOGAH, and UNAG, emphasising the significance of collective collaboration for project success. 

As reported on the CATIE website
“The purpose of the visit was to engage in constructive dialogue with national authorities and main project implementing partners, to consolidate the support of the funding fund. This meeting facilitated collaboration and mutual understanding among stakeholders, laying the foundation for future joint actions…During the mission, a field visit was made to the El Corral plant, where the potential for work with the meat industry was seen. 

…The delegation also visited high public sector authorities, specifically SAG and SERNA, where they were received by Ángel Acosta, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, and Malcon Stufkens, Deputy Minister of the Environment. The national authorities confirmed the alignment of the initiative with national priorities, commented on intersectoral coordination, and reiterated their support for the project. 

…At the conclusion of the visit, several internal agreements were generated, marking a step forward in collaboration and commitment towards the sustainability of the livestock sector in Honduras.” 

The Mitigation Action Facility thanks all participants, and looks forward to continued efforts to mitigate climate change.