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Second call for NAMA Support Project Outlines now open

July 4, 2014
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The second call for NAMA Support Project Outlines of the NAMA Facility opened on 7 April 2014

The NAMA Facility is pleased to announce the launch of its 2nd Call for NAMA Support Project Outlines. National governments of developing countries and emerging economies as well as delivery organisations are invited to submit their NAMA Support Project Outlines to the NAMA Facility by 15 July 2014 (12 pm CEST/GMT+2).

It is the objective of the NAMA Facility to support the concrete implementation of highly ambitious and feasible NAMA Support Projects that fit into the context of a broader NAMA and have the potential to catalyse transformational change towards a low-carbon development. The NAMA Facility has no regional or sectoral focus and is open to fund NAMAs across a range of countries and sectors.

With this objective in mind, the founders of the NAMA Facility decided to hold open competitive calls for NAMA Support Project Outlines and to select the most ambitious and promising NAMA Support Projects for funding. During the competitive selection process, NAMA Support Project Outlines will be considered against general eligibility, ambition and feasibility criteria. NAMA Support Projects pre-selected at this stage will enter the second stage of the selection process, where a full project appraisal will be carried out. Detailed project proposals will then be considered by the NAMA Facility Board before a final funding decision is made. This two-stage process is designed to ensure smooth implementation upon the final funding decision.

Details of the second call:

  • Duration: 7 April– 15 July 2014 
  • Available funding: EUR 50 million 
  • Focus: implementation of NAMAs 
  • Country focus: developing countries qualifying for ODA
  • Sector focus: none 
  • Mode of project selection: open, competitive call for NAMA Support Project Outlines, evaluation against general eligibility, ambition and feasibility criteria

Submission to: 
Deadline for submission: 15 July 2014 (12 pm CEST/GMT+2)

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