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Review NAMA Facility at Regional Workshop of the Francophone Cluster

December 6, 2016
People at Workshop in Casablanca
Image: © Sören David

Casablanca, Morocco. Workshop participants discussing financing strategies for mitigation actions.

The Technical Support Unit (TSU) of the NAMA Facility joined the regional workshop of the Francophone Cluster on financing strategies and policies for mitigation actions. The financing workshop had been organised by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the International Partnership on Mitigation and MRV.

The Cluster Francophone is a platform for francophone countries mostly from Africa and is supported by the Belgian, French and Swiss Environment Ministries. Dr. Soeren David, Head of the Technical Support Unit of the NAMA Facility, presented good examples for concepts to finance the implementation of NAMAs and provided an overview on financing mechanisms applied at NAMA Support Projects supported by the NAMA Facility.