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Recording of Webinar available now: 5th Call Introduction

November 30, 2017

The Technical Support Unit of the NAMA Facility organised this webinar to provide information about the 5th Call, which is currently open.

This webinar served to specifically cover the following topics:

NAMA Facility introduction: The NAMA Facility and its work were presented, including an overview of its guiding principles and current portfolio.

5th Call process and timeline: Pertinent details surrounding the process and timeline of the 5th Call were further clarified and elaborated for applicants.

Assessment criteria: The selection criteria of the NAMA Facility were introduced here, specifically covering the following: Eligibility criteria; Ambition criteria, composed of the sub-criteria potential for transformational change, the mitigation potential and the financial ambition; Feasibility criteria, composed of the sub-criteria project rationale, project design and the concept for the detailed preparation phase (DPP).

The Application Format: A step-by-step review of the Outline and Annexes was provided, along with an explanation of the requirements. Who exactly may apply was also addressed in this section.

Questions and clarifications: Participants were invited to pose questions.