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Recap: Third Virtual Meeting for NAMA Support Projects

June 12, 2018
Thumbnail Virtual Meeting NAMA Support Projects

On Thursday May 17th, the NAMA Facility held its third Virtual Meeting for NAMA Support Projects, which brought together the Technical Support Unit (TSU) and projects from the NAMA Facility’s portfolio. The virtual meeting provided a space for the TSU to directly share information regarding both the 5th Call and the M&E Framework with projects. The virtual meeting also worked to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and lessons learnt amongst projects. This exchange took the form of informative inter-project discussions, as well as an insightful lessons learnt presentation and exchange by the Colombia Transit Oriented Development NAMA. 

These exchanges and discussions amongst projects foster learning and the sharing of knowledge, both of which are core tenants of the NAMA Facility. Through these activities, the NAMA Facility acts as a learning hub and seeks to contribute to the wider share of knowledge across the climate finance landscape. In support of these aims, the next virtual meeting will be held toward the end of 2018.