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Now Published: Learning Reports of the NAMA Facility 2nd Interim Evaluation and Learning

March 29, 2021
Cover of Learning Reports of Evaluation of NAMA

As an additional output to the 2nd Interim Evaluation of the NAMA Facility, which focused on assessing the NAMA Facility’s functions and processes in the period between its 4th to 6th  Calls, the three learning reports have been compiled to reflect on the overarching topics concerning the NAMA Facility as well as wider climate finance community.  

The 2nd Interim Evaluation of the NAMA Facility identified that its stakeholders, including governments, NAMA developers and the broader climate finance community, are keen to obtain more information on how to achieve the broad transformational change that is needed to meet international climate goals. Following NAMA Facility’s commitment to disseminating lessons learnt as well as knowledge sharing, three learning reports have been compiled by Ipsos MORI and SQ Consult (who also undertook the evaluation of the NAMA Facility) building upon the findings of the 2nd Interim Evaluation of the NAMA Facility.

The purpose of the learning reports is to extrapolate the key findings on the NAMA Facility to the wider ecosystem of the climate finance initiatives, which could hint at potential synergies and contrasts. The target audience of the learning reports are the NAMA Facility itself, other climate funds, governments of developing countries and emerging economies, NAMA developers and direct implementers as well as the wider climate finance community.

The three learning reports cover the topics of

  1. Optimising Theories of Change for Promoting and Enabling Transformational Change
  2. Pathways for Enhancing Knowledge and Lesson Sharing
  3. Pathways for Enhancing Local Ownership

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Download the learning reports in the Knowledge and Learning Hub.