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Newly published: Gender Action Plan of the Mitigation Action Facility 

December 5, 2023

At the Mitigation Action Facility we are excited to launch our very first Gender Action Plan (GAP) in late 2023 to deepen our commitment to advance gender justice in climate action, and beyond. The GAP aims at ensuring equal rights, opportunities, access, decision-making power, and treatment of the interests, needs and priorities of persons of all genders and those facing social exclusion and discrimination within all processes and interventions of the Facility.  

The GAP is a continuation of the Facility´s Gender Vision and maps out how to turn the vision into concrete action to the benefit of all people impacted by the Facility. Over the course of the next two years (until December 2025) the GAP shall serve as practical guide to mainstream gender and social inclusion throughout the Facility. To this end eleven milestones, including several sub-milestones, are laid out encompassing training and knowledge sharing events, introducing new quality assurance mechanisms regarding gender equality and encouraging the Facility to implement in an even more ambitious manner. At the Facility we are convinced that the focus on gender justice will enhance the precision, ambition, efficiency and sustainability of project and programme measures, thus making them more effective. 

In the coming months we will report on our new activities and share our learnings – so stay tuned and follow us!