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NAMA Facility joined Green Climate Fund Structured Dialogue in Colombia

March 15, 2018
Panel in Green Climate Fund's dialogue

The NAMA Facility participated in the Green Climate Fund’s (GCF) first Structured Dialogue in the Latin American region in Bogotá, Colombia 4 – 7 March 2018.

Soeren David, Head of the Technical Support Unit of the NAMA Facility joined the four-day meeting to discuss together with about 150 country representatives and participants from the private sector and civil society organisations funding opportunities for climate actions. The Dialogue provided a forum for participating countries to explore options for increasing their climate protection efforts and enhance cooperation across the region. Colombia, the host country of the meeting and a climate champion in the region has shared lessons from the introduction of an ambitious carbon tax, which has resulted in income of US$ 171 million in 2017 and saved 4.7 million tons CO2. Colombia is currently implementing two ambitious climate programs with support from the NAMA Facility. The NAMA Facility seized the meeting to exchange with representatives of climate programs in Latin America that receive support from the NAMA Facility.

NAMA Facility supported climate actions in Latin America and Mexico