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NAMA Facility holds a learning event on Evaluation and Climate Finance

February 2, 2022
NAMA Facility event on evaluation and climate finance
Image: Learning about the NAMA Facility portfolio (Credit: NAMA Facility)

On 26 January 2022, the NAMA Facility held an interactive learning event focused on the evaluation and learning approach of the NAMA Facility. Independent evaluators and representatives of NAMA Support projects (NSPs) were invited to share their experiences and inspire debate on the interplay between evaluation, learning, and climate action.  

Event Highlights

Titled “Evaluation and climate finance: key lessons from the NAMA Facility and beyond”, the event featured five different speakers, which have been involved in the NAMA Facility’s current evaluation and learning practices.

Laura Hayward and Raquel De Luis Iglesias from Ipsos MORI began by sharing their insights on the 2nd Independent Evaluation of the NAMA Facility. They not only highlighted the importance of knowledge sharing between climate funds but provided key recommendations on how to enhance knowledge dissemination and learning for the NAMA Facility and other climate finance programmes and funds.

This was followed by two interventions from NSPs that had finalised a mid-term and a final Evaluation and Learning Exercise (ELE). Ole Henriksen, Director of Operations for the Thai Rice NAMA, presented the NSP’s mid-term evaluation results and highlighted the value of receiving independent insights to improve project implementation. Pan Piyasil, the Project Manager for the Technical Component of the former Thailand RAC NAMA Project, then shared some key lessons learnt from his experience of transforming the Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning (RAC) NAMA Fund into an existing Cooling Innovation Fund in Thailand to sustain project outcomes based on findings of the evaluation.

The final speaker, Luca Petrarulo from Ambero, who leads the consultant team that performs the ELEs, presented the Transformational Change framework. This framework was developed to assess NSPs’ contributions to the NAMA Facility’s progress towards achieving transformational change and forms an essential part of the ELEs. Further ideas on how evaluation results could be translated into action were shared during the discussion and highlighted the interest of the audience to learn from those findings.

Overall, this event enabled a reflection on how evaluation can support learning and transformational change within the NAMA Facility and beyond to support ambitious climate action.

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The NAMA Facility is a joint initiative of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK), UK Department for Energy Security & Net Zero (DESNZ), the Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy and Utilities (KEFM), the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), the European Union and the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF).