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NAMA Facility and Green Climate Fund explore options for collaboration

August 24, 2017
Senior Members of TSU in Songdo

Senior members of the NAMA Facility’s secretariat (the Technical Support Unit, or TSU) visited the Green Climate Fund (GCF) headquarters in Songdo, South Korea, on 16-17 August 2017.

During the 2-day workshop members from the TSU and the GCF Secretariat exchanged experiences and discussed cooperation opportunities across the whole value chain of their interventions in climate finance. The TSU had been mandated by the NAMA Facility Board to discuss the potential for cooperation between the NAMA Facility and the GCF in areas such as project preparation, pipeline development and Monitoring and Evaluation.

The mission enabled an open and fruitful exchange on lessons learnt with regard to the generation and implementation of specific projects as well as programmatic issues. Enhancing the roles of the NAMA Facility and the GCF in the climate finance landscape, identifying cooperation opportunities in project origination, performance measurement and monitoring and evaluation were other topics covered. It was agreed that the future co-operation would cover both ad-hoc exchanges on specific projects as well as a strategic dialogue on a reoccurring basis on all topics covered.

The TSU delegation consisted of the Head and Deputy Head of the TSU, Soeren David and Janka Clauder, and Senior Climate Finance Adviser, Ash Sharma.