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Looking to the Future with the Mitigation Action Facility

January 4, 2024
A group of wind turbines in Jordan
Image: © EBRD

The Mitigation Action Facility is kicking off 2024 with momentum and optimism. Fresh from a standout event at last year’s COP28, we’ve already welcomed the first batch of Project Concepts in response to our new Call for Projects.

Announced with fanfare at COP28 by UK Energy Minister Graham Stuart and Germany’s Parliamentary State Secretary Stefan Wenzel, the Call for Projects 2024 is open for Project Concepts until 29 February 2024. Use the Open Application Platform (OAP) to apply, and find more information on applying and supporting materials here.

The Mitigation Action Facility’s side-event at COP28. Announcements start at 25:31

With further announcements pertaining to the establishment of an expert Advisory Committee, and renewed pledges from the British and German governments, the event marked a pivotal moment for the Facility.

As we navigate a year that follows the warmest on record, there’s a silver lining and reason to be very cautiously optimistic: experts are calling 2023 “the beginning of the end for the fossil fuel era”, with a long-hoped for decline in oil, gas, and coal use on the horizon as climate action ramps up.

Looking ahead, we’re energised by the promise of 2024. With robust backing and expert advice, we’re poised to amplify our impact in eligible partner countries, championing projects that are both powerful and repeatable. It’s time to harness the global drive towards climate change action and push for tangible, sector-wide decarbonisation. Here’s to making 2024 a landmark year for climate action.

For more information about our Call for Projects, or any other issue, please get in contact with us:

Happy new year, and best wishes, from the Mitigation Action Facility.