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Colombia Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) NAMA: First Steps Towards Successful Implementation

February 15, 2017
Bus in Colombian City

Funding for the implementation of the Colombian TOD NAMA was  approved by the NAMA Facility board in 2016.

The goal of the NAMA is to transform the urban development model in Colombia, shifting how and where public and private neighbourhood infrastructure investments are made, in order to increase the environmental, economic and social return on mass transit and social housing investment. The NAMA Support Project recently held a series of successful working meetings in Bogota, Colombia. The Colombian development bank FINDETER hosted a meeting of the CIUDAT Advisory Committee to update the members from the Ministries of Environment, Transport, Housing and the National Planning Department on the Support Project and on the ongoing engagement with four cities selected for support with catalytic TOD projects: Cali, Manizales, Medellin and Pasto. CCAP, the organization leading the delivery of technical support, met with the city of Bogota’s Secretariat of Mobility to learn about their efforts on measuring travel activity and to consider strategic opportunities for coordination on Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) and national policies for replication of TOD best practices. The recent progress of the Support Project has been also presented at the German and British embassies. 

National Policy Opportunities for Replication 

Many opportunities to integrate TOD concepts into national policies and plans to foster replication of best TOD practices across Colombian cities have been identified during the meetings and will be further pursued. 

CIUDAT is Becoming a Key Focal Point for TOD and Sustainable Urban Mobility in Colombia

Although the NSP implementation is still in its early stages, the profile of the TOD NAMA has risen among national and international stakeholders and interest is spreading among cities. FINDETER, host of CIUDAT, is engaging multiple cities on defining catalytic TOD projects and is working to mainstream TOD into their various programs and credit lines. CIUDAT is rapidly becoming a focal point for sustainable mobility efforts among Ministries, NGOs and international cooperation bodies.