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“Chile Self-Supply Renewable Energy (SSRE)”, strong local supplier bases, and new-tech adoption

November 22, 2023
Image: © KfW

The project “Chile Self-Supply Renewable Energy (SSRE)” (Chile SSRE) seeks to strengthen the development of the self-supply renewable energy market in Chile by promoting the incorporation of SSRE systems in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).   

AMBERO and Oxford Policy Management undertook a mid-term Evaluation and Learning Exercise (ELE) on the progress of the FC component of the project. The mid-term ELE focuses exclusively on the contribution of the FC component to the overall Chile SSRE project. A Final ELE of the TC component of the Chile SSRE project was conducted in winter 2020/21.  

Below are some key findings of the mid-term ELE:  

  • There is significant progress in the consolidation of an SSRE market in Chile. However, that progress has not happened evenly across all SSRE technologies. Photovoltaic (PV) solutions have dominated due to their comparably low design and implementation costs. Other SSRE technologies do not have similar advantages.
  • The development and rollout of new financial instruments need technical and administrative support in their early stages to be successful. Projects emphasising innovative financial tools should allocate funds for technical or administrative support, ensuring smooth financing preparation. It also helps manage high project submission demands. 
  • Flexibility to adapt to changing conditions can help maximise the impact of individual projects. Projects supported by the Mitigation Action Facility will likely face changing or evolving conditions during their execution, and these changes may be externally or internally driven. More flexibility in the implemented activities and tools could make projects more impactful and efficient.  
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Following the main findings and recommendations of the ELE, the TSU and the project have compiled a management response to address the key points that were raised.  

The management response and the mid-term ELE report are available in the Knowledge & Learning Hub.