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Children’s Investment Fund Foundation Joins as a new Donor of the NAMA Facility under the Ambition Initiative

July 5, 2021
Children's Investment Fund Foundation Welcome Postcard

The NAMA Facility is delighted to welcome the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF) as an additional Donor to its work catalysing sector-wide shifts toward sustainable, irreversible, carbon-neutral pathways in developing countries and emerging economies. CIFF will join the founding partners of the NAMA Facility – Germany and the UK – along with Denmark and the European Union. The collaboration was established under the framework of the Ambition Initiative Call, the largest one to date of the NAMA Facility. The Ambition Initiative Call targets an even higher level of ambition than previous NAMA Facility Calls as it aims to support countries in the implementation of their enhanced Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) and building back greener as they recover from the Covid-19 pandemic.

CIFF is the world’s largest philanthropic organisation, focusing specifically on improving children’s lives, with areas of work including maternal and child health, adolescent sexual health, opportunities for girls and young women, and supporting smart ways to slow down and stop climate change – the single greatest threat to the future of today’s children. CIFF’s work on climate change is aligned with the NAMA Facility’s mission of kickstarting transformational change and is focused on funding long-term interventions to bring about systemic changes.

CIFF currently supports a range of initiatives which move the world away from fossil fuels and towards renewable energy, decarbonize industry, improve air quality in our cities and promote sustainable food and land use. The Foundation also invests in cross cutting strategies and systemic solutions, from sustainable finance to strategic litigation and impactful communications. CIFF’s climate portfolio covers Europe, China, India, South-East Asia, Africa and Latin America – in each of these locations prioritising work with domestic organisations.

This partnership is the results of a series of steps taken by the Donors of the NAMA Facility to engage with new potential donors to enhance their efforts to ramp up climate ambition against the backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic. The NAMA Facility looks forward to a fruitful exchange with CIFF, and to benefit from the extensive experience the organisation has accumulated in its work since 2002.

As countries roll-out fiscal stimulus in response to Covid-19 crisis, there is an urgent imperative to ensure that stimulus spending leads to a green recovery. CIFF is excited to join the NAMA Facility to provide resources to ambitious climate projects that will work to leverage this aim; supporting the Ambition Initiative will reduce emissions while creating jobs and rebooting economies in developing countries. This will help children and young people to survive and thrive as we look to the future.” – Sonia Medina, Executive Director, Climate

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