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“Accelerating the deployment of E-motos in Rwanda” approved by Mitigation Action Facility Board for Implementation

May 20, 2024
Two people on an electric motorcycle
Image: © The Rwanda Green Fund

Mitigation Action Facility Donors have approved funding to support the implementation of an ambitious project in Rwanda.

In Rwanda, transport is a major contributor to annual energy-related greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and the Rwandan E-motos sector provides a potential accelerator for the country’s green economy. The project “Rwanda – Accelerating the deployment of E-motos” aims to catalyse the deployment of electric motorcycles used as taxis (E-motos) by effectively substituting motos with E-motos in Kigali, thereby decarbonising the most popular and affordable means of public transportation in the city.

This project is dedicated to fostering the widespread adoption of E-motos through financial support and technical assistance. It will facilitate financing up to 46,000 E-motos, establishing additional charging infrastructure in Kigali and ensuring the supply of operational E-moto vehicles. It also seeks to improve the waste management and increase female participation as operators, riders, and employees during the project lifetime. Teddy Mugado, CEO of the Rwanda Green Fund, said the following:

“With the support from the Mitigation Action Facility, we’re revolutionising transportation in Rwanda. This $18 million partnership allows us to fully embrace the E-mobility transition, setting a new standard for sustainable mobility.”

Following the approval for a Detailed Preparation Phase (DPP), during which projects work to further elaborate the proposed project outline, a comprehensive Project Proposal was submitted to the Mitigation Action Facility. Based on an in-depth assessment of the Proposal, Donors then approved the project to enter the Implementation Phase 1.

The Mitigation Action Facility’s support for this project illustrates the Board’s continued commitment to ambitious climate action.