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“Finally, I can generate renewable energy on my roof”: Tunisia’s Nationwide Solar Energy Support Programme Picks Up Speed

June 28, 2024

In a first test phase of the large-scale support programme PROSOL ELEC Economique, Tunisian technicians have installed PV systems on 10 households in the governorate of Gafsa.

The event also served as a forum for exchange between project partners, technicians, and beneficiaries.  

“Finally, I can generate renewable energy on my roof,” said one of the residents of the house where the solar panel was connected to the grid.

The results of the first installations provide the ground for the upcoming push of installations in which 65,000 middle-income households will be equipped with renewable energy installations over the next few years. Manuals and technical guidelines have been created to facilitate the smooth installation and roll-out of the programme.

As part of the Mitigation Action Facility, PROSOL ELEC Economique provides eligible households with an investment subsidy and a low interest loan for PV installations.

To support thousands of interested households, ANME and GIZ have conducted training for over 20 participants from the private sector, STEG, and ANME. This training aims to familiarise various stakeholders with the new programme, its benefits, and its technical as well as administrative framework. Further trainings are scheduled for the upcoming weeks. Additionally, a nationwide communication campaign will soon reach out to lower-income households.

Based on the initial experiences of PROSOL ELEC Economique, the Tunisian partners are considering upscaling the approach to further climate friendly technologies such as air-conditioners, fridges and LEDs into further financing schemes.